Australians rallying to protect the ABC

Australians are rallying to protect the ABC

Every week Australians are across the country are rallying to show their support for the ABC.

We are doing this by signing pledges and petitions, wearing I love ABC t-shirts, putting ABC bumper stickers on our cars, door knocking, street stalls, sharing our stories about why we love the ABC and of course by tuning into our favourite shows. 

With more than 17 million Australians watching, reading and listening to ABC programs and services every week, the Government’s continued attacks on the ABC threaten its future and are out of step with the needs of our communities.

However it would be a big mistake to assume that everyone who loves and enjoys the ABC also know about the current threats it faces – they don’t – which is why we need your help to spread the word.

The Community and Public Sector Union, Media Arts and Entertainment Alliance, ABC Friends and The Australia Institute have collaborated to publish this short flyer about the 5 current threats to the ABC –  please share this flyer with your friends and contacts – and together we will protect the future of our ABC for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Australians rallying to protect the ABC

  1. Without our ABC ,all that we’d have would be Murdoch’s right wing,Fox (Fake) News drivel…No thanks.There must be a voice of reason ,when there are so many Morrisons ,Duttons and Hansons in the world.

  2. Without the ABC we will only get right wing pro big business propaganda. You only have to look at the Liberals’ voting record in parliament on issues such as banking, wages and worker rights to see this at work.

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