Australian music and our ABC

80% of Australian musicians are not signed up to major labels or featured on commercial radio playlists.

Without proper exposure, they struggle to make a living from their music. ABC programs like TripleJ Unearthed embrace emerging Aussie talent and provides a national platform for hundreds of Aussie muso’s so they can get their music heard, played and loved across the country.

Many Australian musicians would not get a break if it wasn’t for our ABC, yet all of this is at risk because of continued cuts to ABC funding by the Government.

Since 2014, the Government has cut $547 million dollars from the ABC’s budget with another $84 million dollars proposed to be cut from the 1st July.

Vital programs like The Inside Sleeve, The Daily Planet, The Rhythm Divine and The Live Set have been axed, and we estimate that number of live music recordings done by the ABC has is down by approximately 33%.

Many of our most famous musicians have spoken out in support of music on the ABC.

This election, make your vote count and support our ABC.

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