I love ABC was originally started by the CPSU as a feel-good community campaign to show the Coalition Government the strong support there is for the ABC in the community.

In late 2014, our campaign evolved into a national protest movement in response to devastating funding cuts to the ABC and the CPSU alongside other ABC advocacy groups organised national rallies across the country which drew thousands of Australians.

 In 2015 and 2016, public activities around the ABC waned as the ABC dropped out of the media spotlight, however, the CPSU and the journalist’s union the MEAA continued to raise awareness of cuts to ABC staff, programs and services.

In 2017, the arrival of Michelle Guthrie as the ABC’s new Managing Director, ushered in what was to become what we believe is one of the most if not the most tumultuous periods of endless ABC restructuring and organisational instability. During this time the CPSU continued to support the ABC and its workers and successfully took the ABC to the Fair Work Commission regarding dodgy redundancy practices.

This year, our public campaign has escalated into full fight mode as we not only tackle and ineffective senior ABC leadership but also Coalition Government that is hell-bent on nobbling our much loved national public broadcaster.

The CPSU believes that the ABC as we know and love it, cannot survive another term of the Coalition Government and we are committed to keeping the ABC an issue in the public spotlight beyond the ebbs and flows of twenty-four News cycles and all the way to the federal election where it is going to count the most.

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