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The ABC wants to know what the ABC means to you, your family, your community. 

Whether it’s a story about Little Ted’s big role in your childhood, a heart-stopping emergency warning by ABC local radio, or setting your alarm for your favourite band on rage –  click here to share yours with the ABC.

In the face of sustained attacks, the ABC is limited in what it can say and do, but ABC Yours is one of the ways that the ABC can mobilise community support and passion for the ABC.

8 thoughts on “ABC Yours

  1. For all my life, and I am now 79, the ABC has been a beacon of honesty, true reporting, unbiased, intelligent broadcasting. I worked at the ABC from 1956-1960 and saw the standard of intelligence which was expected of the journalists, talks department, drama department, in fact every department. The highest standard was expected and lived up to. To not have the ABC as an independent organisation would be a catastrophe and not to be thought of. There is a rise of extreme right-wing politics which to me is quite terrifying. We need the ABC to report on the current political situation both in Australia and Globally. We have to keep the ABC for the Australian people, not for someone like Scott Morrison, a hypocritical individual who sadly is PM. With his racist views on immigration, his total turnabout after this horrendous event in NZ, he is not the person to make decisions on the ABC which is OUR ABC. margaret-anne hayes

  2. The ABC is our ABC, it belongs to all Australians. A source of information you can trust and a provider of entertainment of exceptional quality. It has been a part of my life for over 50 years. I couldn’t imagine living without it!

  3. I love ABC. I loved Play School and Mr Squiggle and so did my children! I can’t imagine not having Auntie, she’s uniquely Aussie. ABC has always provided the highest quality children’s programmes without the need to monitor for adds and other inappropriate content.

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