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Our members working at the ABC to keep the wheels turning as chaos reigns at the top want you to know that there is plenty of good news on the horizon and they are doing what they can to protect our national broadcaster – Sinddy Ealy, ABC Section Secretary, CPSU

The ABC wants to know what the ABC means to you, your family, your community. 

The last four years have been difficult and destablising years for the ABC staff:

  • 1000 plus ABC staff retrenched by ABC senior management
  • Excessive restructuring including 16 national restructures in 2017 alone
  • Ineffective senior leadership
  • A politically stacked ABC Board
  • A hostile Coalition Government using all levers available to it to hobble the ABC
  • Sustained attacks by a small group of vested commercial interests

Despite this ABC staff are unwavering in their commitment to provide the best programs and services to the Australian people. They will continue to fight for the integrity of the ABC and public broadcasting and ask you to stand with them in defence of our ABC.

5 thoughts on “ABC Staff

  1. Without the ABC all news would be trumped up to sound and look overwhelming. Watching ABC news and other programs we can concentrate. Advertisements destroy concentration and muddle the brain. The ABC presents worthwhile programs (some being not so good). We need the ABC because without it, television viewing would be worthless. The only other radio station besides ABC worth being tuned into is Fine Music 102.5. All other is nothing more than advertisements, loud and worthless. To remain sane we need the ABC. It also gives opportunities to those of us with radio and thinking skills. Due to bad governing many jobs in Australia are no longer. The ABC helps to keep us sane.

  2. I’ve had an independent ABC for 70 years. Australia has had for far longer. It’s the only station untainted by monopoly capitalism. I would never agree to anything else.

    ABC is the only broadcaster capable of and willing to give effect to freedom of political communication.

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