ABC Ultimo Library 2019

ABC funding cuts are costing us our stories, music and history

The ABC’s nationally acclaimed libraries are just some of the casualties of funding cuts to the ABC. Until last year, the ABC’s libraries were a treasure trove of Australian stories, music and history led by an expert team, with a presence in most capital cities.

Now empty shelves are all that remain. Some of the material has been digitised, some of it has been donated to other organisation and some of it has ended up in landfill. And of course, many specialist librarians, archivists and cataloguers have lost their jobs.

Since 2014, $631M has been cut from the ABC budget:

  • $196.8 million – Australia Network 10-year contract cancelled – May 2014
  • $43.5 million – 1% “efficiency” “down payment” cut – May 2014
  • $254 million – 4.6% cut to base funding over five years – November 2015
  • $30 million – Cut to Digital Content Delivery funding – May 2016
  • $20 million – Cut to Enhanced News Gathering funding – May 2016
  • $2.8 million – Cross-agency Budget cut – May 2016
  • $84 million – Indexation freeze on base funding – May 2018

The ABC cannot sustain more cuts to its budget. Together we need to take action.

If you can spare a few dollars, please donate to our campaign and helps us to defend our ABC, our stories, our music and our history.  #IloveABC

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